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What We Do


Community Outreach

Empowering Others

Redirection of Hope, Inc. (ROH, Inc.) is dedicated to putting our Indianapolis community first. We are professionally and socially involved in our community. Our Community Outreach program provides wrap-around services based on need for those facing difficult times. ROH, Inc. believes wrap-around services are family centered, needs driven, and a strengths-based planning process. It's an intervention strategy where participants are supported and encouraged to develop and reach goals through joint efforts. Our wrap-around services include but are not limited to: 

  • coordinating resources for people involved in government systems needing case management assistance

  • Golden Ager Veteran and Senior resource initiative to support those experiencing financial hardship

  • support and outreach for victims of violent crimes, domestic violence, and grief support 

  • providing educational or tutoring services for grades K- 12

  • family support for missing and exploited children

  • suicide prevention services

  • independent living preparation and mentoring for youth transitioning out of foster care

  • dependency supportive group session

  • educating women on "Holistic Yoni Cleansing" which aids in maintaining reproductive health and balancing hormones which result in a practice of a self-care regimen.

 Lend a helping hand and join our efforts today.


Helping Those Who Need Us Most

Redirection of Hope, Inc. is a leader in the academic sector and ensures that local student needs and priorities come first. Our educational tutoring program offers a much-desired platform for grades K-12. Our tutors teach the skills most students need to succeed in any academic environment. Each student can walk away with a sense of accomplishment when they meet their academic goals.  Statistics show that students who work with tutors develop stronger study and time management skills. Students gain an understanding of their personal learning style and how to maximize their strengths.  During the COVID-19 Pandemic we found that tutoring was effective at helping students learn independently and in unpredictable environments.  Become a part of a brighter future and join our efforts today. Become a tutor, youth coordinator, or refer students in need of assistance. 

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Holistic Yoni Cleansing

Taking time for a personal care regimen requires women to believe they are worthy. By helping your body to regularly and gently detoxify it will help your body function at its best even during stressful and overwhelming times. A body can become stressed and diseased based on the toxins that are not released from it. By beginning a holistic regimen of detoxification women can have a better chance at a healthy start at life.

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